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Here is how to get a hold of me.

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physical address

Dana C. Ernst, Ph.D.
Office: Hyde 356
Mathematics Department
Plymouth State University
MSC 29, 17 High Street
Plymouth, NH 03264

phone, fax, & email

Phone: 603.535.2857
Fax: 603.535.2943
Email: ude.htuomylp|tsnrecd#ude.htuomylp|tsnrecd

office hours

My office is located in Hyde 356 and my current office hours are listed here. Anytime my door is open you are welcome to come in and chat.

live chat

If you click on "chat with D.C. Ernst" in the upper righthand corner, a Google Talk chatback window will open. You should include your name in your first message, so that I know who I'm talking to. A green dot indicates that I am "available" while a red dot indicates that I am "away." However, it will appear that I am "available" more often than I really am; don't take it personally if I don't respond.

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